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Nov 19, 2012 07:31 AM

Breakfast at the St. Lawrence Market?

I will be visiting Toronto next weekend and would like to tie in a Saturday morning visit to SLM. Does anyone know if the restos are open for breakfast? I am getting a hankering for peameal bacon on a bun but am willing to take recommendations if anyone knows of a spot I must try. Also does anyone know if the North Market is still open at this time of year or have they closed for the season? Thanks!

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  1. SLM opens at 5am on Saturdays. Having never actually been there that early I can't attest to whether all the vendors actually get going right at 5, but it's a big day at the market so you can get there early and most things are open (i.e. already bustling by 8am). The north market is open every Saturday - just slimmer pickings as we get into the colder months.

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      Thanks! I didn't realize the market was open that early! I wasn't planning on getting there until 9:00 so I guess I should be safe in knowing something will be open by then.

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        By 9:00 am, everything will be open and the market will be PACKED! Expect to battle the crowds.

    2. Thanks everyone for your help. It looks like there is a small canteen just inside the the north market offering two types of egg dishes (scrambled or omelette I think?). For a more substantial breakfast there is Paddingtons just inside the south market (first place on the right). I noticed many of the other stands were open as well although not really serving breakfast type food. I had a lighter dinner on Friday night so was quite hungry for breakfast on Saturday morning. I ended up stopping for breakfast at Over Easy on Yonge Street on the way there since I didn't think I could wait until I arrived at the market-;) I had a really enjoyable visit to the market though. Lots of locally grown veggies were still available in the north market as well as lots of meat and some cheeses.