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Nov 19, 2012 07:28 AM

Made in China / Grand Hyatt Beijing

Just coming back from a business trip to China where I had two chances for dinner at the Made in China in the Grand Hyatt in Beijing.

The restaurant itself is very nice and interesting in its design, featuring three open kitchens (for the roast duck, for the Wok section and for the Noodle section). The first visit, I was seated in front of the Noodle section, which was very interesting to watch for the foodie and restaurateur I am.

As it is basically considered a must, for my first visit I choose the Beijing roast duck. But first was poached Chicken with crushep peanuts in spicy sauce. This was very delicious and can only be highly recommended one likes spicy. The spice level was balanced very well, not too much but still with some punch to it. Then came the roast duck, which I found not so good. Don't get me wrong, it was far from bad, but I had better in the past. The duck was, for my taste, a bit too fatty. The meat was good, as was the duck sauce. The pancakes were on the dry side, but good in taste. As desert I had their home-made chocolate in 3 styles, which was also again very good.

The second visit I went for one of their autumn dishes as starter, purple sweet potato with chestnuts on salad. Also very good and recommended. Main was the Beggars chicken, which impressed more than the roast duck. Very soft and juicy meat that literally fell of the bones, good taste and fitting filling with the pork and mushrooms.

The service was very good and their head waiters remembered me on my second visit.

So overall, a very good experience with just a little downer on one of their signature dishes, but this could be different on another visit when it is a not so fatty duck. But if you are in Beijing, I highly recommend visiting Made in China.

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  1. Made in China was my fave restaurant in Beijing when it first opened in 2005 thereabouts. In those years, there was precious few really good places to dine in. Besides - Made In China's decor - separate cooking stations, was a fantastic creation by Super Potato, the same company which designed Grand Hyatt Singapore's Mezza9: same concept - open kitchens, uber-cool furniture and lighting.

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      Yes, the design and interior is really fantastic there, great work done on it.

      I especially like the open kitchen idea (I have one myself in my Restaurant), as from guest POV you can watch the chefs doing their work and maybe even learn something and from a boss POV you make sure that all personell will hold up standards regarding cleanliness and good work ethics, as they are under supervision constantly. So no chance to drop something on the floor and put it back on the plate. ;)

    2. Thanks for the review. I rather like MIC's roast duck, but it is rather fatty -- happens to be the way I like it I guess. Their 'pot stickers' are an absolute favourite for me on their menu. The tea prices however, are so off-puttingly expensive that I refuse to order tea.