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Nov 19, 2012 07:10 AM

gift for a new New Yorker?

My sister is moving to New York from Atlanta, and I'd love to buy her a gift certificate for something New York-y for Christmas.

She'll be living in the East 20's, working in the West 40's, and is a fairly picky eater -- she mostly likes Italian, Mexican, and American food.

I'd like to spend about $50.

Also, I no longer live in the New York area so I'm limited to things I can order online / over the phone. Do any New York restaurants sell gift cards online? I was thinking maybe Eataly, though I'd love some other ideas.


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  1. Union Square Hospitality Group sells electronic gift certificates. They make great gifts because they can be used at Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, Jazz Standard (who shares a kitchen with Blue Smoke), The Modern (including the less formal Bar Room area), Cafe 2 and Terrace 5 at MoMA, Maialino, Untitled at the Whitney Museum, North End Grill. And Shake Shack, too, IIRC. Obviously she doesn't have to spend it at a fancy place like the Modern if she doesn't want to.

    USC, GT, Blue Smoke/Jazz Standard, Shake Shack at MSP, and Maialino are all fairly accessible from the East 20s.

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      That's a really great idea and it definitely may work -- thanks. I was also thinking about Parm, but how crazy is it there? Will she end up never using it because the wait is really long?

    2. How about a gift card for Zabar's?
      It's a quintessential New York store, and she can use it for anything, coffee, cheese, even housewares.

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        1. I really like the food at the Mexican restaurant Toloache. If she's working in the West 40s, it wouldn't be too far to go after work or for lunch. They sell gift cards online:

          One of my problems with Eataly is that it simply a dreadful place to shop, it is so crowded (year-round).

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            That's a great idea -- I totally forgot about Toloache and really like it there.

          2. Gift cert to Murray's Cheese?