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Nov 19, 2012 07:01 AM

Wifi Cafes like Le Pain Quotidien

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for wi-fi enabled cafes in either Manhattan (Union Square or below) or (South) Brooklyn that are most reminiscent of Le Pain Quotidien (which doesn't have wi-fi). The interior of every Le Pain is unmistakable, with high ceilings, hearty wood tables, abundant natural light, and spacing that doesn't feel too cramped. By contrast, I feel on top of other people at The Bean and it's too dark at Tea Lounge in Park Slope. As a freelance web designer, I need a new great place to work, sip coffee and have a bite. I would easily work out of any Le Pain if I could. So I was wondering if anyone had similar aesthetic and atmosphere suggestions of places I could check out! Thanks!

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  1. The Barnes & Noble Cafe in Tribeca might work for you. I've been there only a few times, but it wasn't crowded, there's natural light, and since it's located on an enormous selling floor, it's not at all claustrophobic. You could try the B&N in Union Square, too, but in my experience, that one's much louder and busier.