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Nov 19, 2012 06:23 AM

BBQ - Lynchburg VA to Durham NC

We are driving from Pennsylvania to Durham, NC this week (Wed. before Thanksgiving) and are looking for a BBQ stop for dinner. We'll be driving south through Lynchburg VA, Danville VA, Yanceyville NC, to Durham. Barbecue is sorely lacking in central Pennsylvania. I'd love any recommendations.

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  1. Allen and Son, located between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill, NC is one of the best in the state, although obviously you will reach it at the very end of your trip. Short Sugars, in Reidsville, NC is pretty good, but would require a fairly short detour. They had a branch in Danville, Va at one time, not sure if they still do. A google search will no doubt tell you. Regardless of where you go, I'd contact them ahead of time and confirm they will be open. BBQ joints are notorious for odd/unexpected closing times.

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      We went to Short Sugars this past Saturday and were terribly disappointed. My wife had the Q and I went for the ribs (a Saturday special). We don't plan to make a return visit.

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        I read somewhere that Allen and Son closes at 5 on Wed., probably too early for us. Are there other alternatives in the Durham/Chapel Hill area? Is Backyard BBQ pit worth waiting for, instead of stopping in Lynchburg at the Silver Pig?