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Nov 19, 2012 06:01 AM

Ice Cream Pumpkin Pie--Looking for opinions on assembly

I've decided on doing a pumpkin ice cream pie for Thanksgiving. I made the custard for the ice cream last night (chilling now; waiting to be churned) and went ahead and made a pecan cookie crumb crust.

Debating now on my plan of attack.

Would there be any benefit to waiting to assemble this closer to Thursday? I am sure the custard can be held in the fridge for a few days or I could freeze the crust and churned ice cream separately and assemble later.

My original thought was just to make the ice cream tonight and fill the crust right away and freeze...but it has occurred to me that I have never made an ice cream pie before and maybe I should see if I am missing something.

I am also planning on making a layer of fresh cranberry sauce to incorporate. Debating if I should put between two layers of ice cream, swirl it in, or just put on top. I am sure all would be fine, but if anyone has any thoughts on what might be most successful, please share.

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  1. Of course after posting this I found several recipes online for ice cream pies that say they can be made 2 weeks in will just assemble tonight. I answered my own question on that one, just needed to look a little harder.