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Nov 19, 2012 05:58 AM

Nespresso coffee pods

Does anyone know about the kashruth status of Nespresso pods (sort of like K-cups, but specific to their machines)? I got an answer on Wiki which stated that only those manufactured in Orbe and Avenches, Switzerland, are kosher. The Nespresso website states that they are all manufactured there, but I'm not about to use Wiki as a certifying agent. When I called Nespresso the person I spoke to wasn't able to help me. I'll try calling again and maybe I'll get someone who's got more on the ball.

For myself, I don't think coffee needs a hechsher, although I believe some flavored ones may be dairy, which I'd need to know if I'm serving coffee after a meat meal.
More important, however, I would like some information about this for my guests. I know it's popular in Israel and I've had the coffee there in homes of frum people.

Has anyone looked into this?

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  1. If you want to be 100% confident then pick up some fillable capsules and use your own coffee (cheaper and fresher as well):

    1. The pods (all unflavored and decaf) are kosher and kosher l'pesach under the certification of the Belz Beis Din as well as the Rabbanut HaRashit of Israel. My recollection is that the flavored pods are not KLP - but who would want flavored espresso?! My mental database is slipping - must be age.

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        Correction - they are certified by the Rabbanut of Basel under authority of the Rabbanut HaRashit of Israel. I am really losing it.

      2. Thank you both.
        Ferret, I may go the fillable capsules route someday, but for the time being the whole purpose of getting the Nespresso is the convenience.
        I did get through to someone at Nespresso who knew what he's talking about, and he told me that all their products are certified kosher (as you said, Kosher Critic) and he'll be emailing the certificate to me. As well, he told me that any of the Nespresso stores could show me the certificate.

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          I do about 6-8 of the fillables at a time (2-3 days). Takes about 2 minutes.