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Nov 19, 2012 04:07 AM

New butcher at sherwood forest mall mississauga

Hello chowhounds. Anyone out in Mississauga know about a new meat shop opening in Sherwood Forest Mall on Dundas? I drove by the other day and saw the sign, but the store didn't look open yet. I didn't catch the name and all my Googling and Yelping has been in vain. Since I live in far off Prince Edward County I can't just do another driveby, but I'll be back in the area next month and am always on the lookout for good butchers. Anyone know the place?

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  1. This is the weird little mall on the south side of Dundas W where the killer LCBO Vintages once was, right?

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Yup, home to one of my Mum's favourite restaurants Rogues and the equally wonderful Apricot Tree Cafe. It's obviously "high rent" territory, so I'm hoping the new meat shop will be top quality.

      1. re: drkitty

        I think its Burton Meats. i have not been in their store yet but did try some of their product at a Big Green Eggfest a couple of years ago and was impressed. They do have a website which if accurate suggests that they sell high end products.

        1. re: LJS2

          Thanks LJS2, that's it! I'll make some time for a visit on my next trip in. From their website, it looks like they are open.

    2. A little off topic here, but if you're on the lookout for good butchers, a place called Off the Bone in Mississauga is amazing - we buy their meat products often and they are all top quality and well worth it. Especially the bacon - the best I've ever had, as well as the friends and family that I've shared it with!