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Nov 19, 2012 12:44 AM

Rainbow Drive In closed for Thanksgiving Weekend

Rainbow Drive-In will be continuing it's long standing observance of Thanksgiving and will be closed from Nov 21 - 25. Am told the closure used to be as much as two weeks.

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  1. Good for them..... give the employees time with family.

    1. Good post. I had the Friday after Thanksgiving off a few years ago and rushed down at lunch time for a bbq steak plate. As I drove up I thought I scored with so many parking spaces open.

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        That's an even better post! I love "boneless, gravy all over." Haven't had one in ages though.

      2. Thanks K-man. Guess we'll have to eat elsewhere this week while we're back home to visit. Sure do miss KC Drive In down the street. Well, back to Sekiya's and Big City Diner for the old local fix.

        1. Glad they were closed. Got to eat at Like Like Drive In twice and had their oxtail soup and lamb shank specials. Tried the Goma-Tei Ramen at the Ward Center and thought it was very good. Real intense soup base with a touch of sesame oil. Great weather except for the unexpected severe thunder and lightning storm that hit on Black Friday. Cleared up in an hour...