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Nov 18, 2012 10:53 PM

Using gas grill as an oven?

This is my first Thanksgiving with only one oven (first-world problem). I don't want to do the turkey on the gas grill, but I was wondering if I could (1) cook stuffing on it or (2) at least warm up side dishes on it. I was thinking maybe I could turn the flame on one side and put the food on the other side. Does this work?

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  1. Yes.

    Close the cover and there's very little difference between your gas grill and oven.

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    1. It absolutely works. Just watch the temp! It also make a great staging area to keep everything warm.

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      1. re: mels

        works like a charm - a friend did try to do the rolls on gas grill (in a pan) it would have worked if he'd kept a closer eye on things..

        You really should try the bird on the grill though - it's the best.

      2. While I agree you certainly could use your gas grill to keep things warm or heat items.....Im going to disagree a little and caution you to consider these points as well:

        * depending on where you reside, i.e., a cold or warm climate.....maintaining temperature is a little harder than you home oven.

        * depending on the usage of your grill, you may impart some unintended smoke to your items being reheated.

        * depending on the cleanliness or fuel source.....your serving dishes could become coated with film from the grill/grease. This may be the most important point if you intend to go from grill to table.