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Nov 18, 2012 07:14 PM

Anybody own or know about ceramic cookware by TVS Made in Italy?

I recently went to Marshalls and was trying to find a good deals on either Staub/Le Creuset. Then I found this ceramic square grill pan. It is made by this company TVS. It said Made in Italy and it has some kind of address in Italy. So I went online and found this website.

The one that I have is the square grill pan from this collection (Mezzogiorno).

I have used it to fry eggs and it did not stick. Sausages did not stick too. I am pretty happy with the purchase since it's only $14.99.

My question is. Has anyone heard of this company or own one? On the website, it says that this cookware is PFOA, lead & cadmium free.

I often came across other ceramic cookware that even though it seems like it's made in Italy, if you look under the pan or somewhere you will find out that it's made in China (though I don't mean to undermine China made products). This one though says Made in Italy everywhere.

Thanks in advance for any inputs..

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  1. I haven't seen much information on it, but I've been using a nonstick pan from them, and it's held up very well. I actually bought it because I found a TVS nonstick pan in my dorm that had been horribly abused (high heat, metal utensils...) for over a year, and was still in very good shape. So when I spotted one at TJ Maxx, for a nice low price, I grabbed it, and it's served me well. I more recently acquired a ceramic coated pan, but haven't really played with it yet. Unfortunately, they are very hard to obtain outside of the discount stores.

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    1. re: celesul are one of the few (except me) that has it :)
      Surprisingly they seem pretty more known in Europe. I have been using the square ceramic grill to cook scrambled eggs, grill up sausages and I'm happy to say nothing ever got stuck.
      Easy to wash and it's very lightweight. I just hope that the European ceramic does not contain lead.
      I always wonder how does these discount stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods) always got a hold of European goods. I saw a brand in Marshalls that is supposed to be Swiss made (Kuhn Rikon), and when I went to Switzerland, I saw the same brand everywhere and like triple the price.

      Anyhow.....thanks for sharing with me :)

      I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving..

    2. I found some at Ross and love them! I have been using one nonstick for over a year and it's the best nonstick I have ever had. I recently found a ceramic one and it is amazing. I use square pans most often but I have not been lucky enough to run accross a TVS square one. I'm also not having much luck buying them online. I also found their website, says they have been in business since 1968. I will have to check Marshalls too I guess. Also try TJMaxx and Home Goods, they all often get the same inventory. My ceramic is the eco-ok ecologica line and is great. The nonstick card board is long gone but having 3 of thoses with no scratchs yet, I think I would trust buying anything with the TVS name on it. Such a good price too. Update us if you run accorss anything more. Thanks...

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      1. re: GothicaVamp

        Hi....thanks for your feedback. I'm also loving my ceramic from TVS. I am starting to move away from all non stick pans that I have. Actually the non stick that I have are actually anodized aluminum lines from Calphalon. If I ever see more TVS in Marshalls, I will snap some pics for you..:)

        Happy New Year.

      2. I bought an 11" TVS fry pan at HomeGoods. It is heavy and has a speckled lining and is the BEST pan I have ever owned (and I'm old). It takes non-stick to the next level. I can't believe how fabulous it is to cook with and how easy it cleans up. My husband found a two pan set on Amazon today - an 8" and the 11" pan I have, and we bought it. He also found them on eBay. I'll buy every pan like this I can find.

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        1. re: CapeCodLorrie

          Hi Lorrie:

          Thanks for sharing :)
          I am still loving my square TVS Grill, but lately I have not seen any more TVS at my local Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I will look on Ebay. I love this pan.