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Nov 18, 2012 06:45 PM

Special(ish) Occasion Dinner Suggestions (with a few caveats...)

I have a guest coming over next week and need to plan the menu for our first dinner. I will have two hours at home to prep (the food AND myself!) before I have to drive to the airport. The airport trip will take about two hours return. We'll be hungry when we get home! I'd like to cook something nice(ish) but am not sure what would be good with that two-hour pause in the middle. As an aside, we're both vegetarians. Also, I don't have a crock pot (that would make this a lot easier!).

So far I'm leaning towards Smitten Kitchen's mushroom bourgignon (like, my favorite vegetarian dish ever), with all the chopping done before and the cooking done on return, but I'd like some other ideas. Soooo... ideas?

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  1. I'd do the mushroom dish and cook it all the way up to adding the butter, keep it in a very low oven. It will only improve. When you get home hungry, finish it and complete a salad while the noodles cook. voila!

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        This is great. One different idea would be to do a vegetarian shepherd's pie, made ahead, which you can throw in the oven when you get home.

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          What about doing a risotto? You can get it almost done. Stand it, then finish when you get there adding the last few ladlefuls of broth. Of course the vegetarian options are endless for a risotto.

          I doubt this is special occasion enough, but it is delicious served with a nice bread, salad and white wine. it is a slow cooker recipe, but you could convert it to stove top if you are okay with leaving on low unattended.