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Nov 18, 2012 06:35 PM

brining, I'm so confused!!!


I want to brine my turkey.

There are so many recipes and so many different things to do, I was hoping someone could just give me something simple to follow.

I have water, kosher salt, brown sugar, juniper berries and all spice.

If i couldn't find anything, I am just going to put all that stuff together in a pot, boil it, let it cool, then put it in a cooler with a turkey and ice.

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  1. Find a recipe that tells you exactly the proportion of water to salt so your turkey is not over-salted or under-brined.

    1. Yeah it just comes down to water to salt ratio and then you can add any flavours you want to. Sometimes I put in some apple cider instead of all water or maple syrup instead of all brown sugar, citrus or different herbs and spices. Have fun with it!

      Usually I use a Michael smith brine recipe as a start.

      For example, but he has a few

        1. Yes it's all about the salt/water proportions.

          I sub soy sauce for some of the salt and maple syrup for the sugar.

          1. I started with the Chez Panisse brine recipe and now I go a little crazy. I take about 2 cups of the water and simmer her spice ingredients, but add a sliced orange, lemon, sprigs of sage and thyme, until all is fragrant. Turn off the heat, add the salt and sugar. When it is cool, I add it to the remainder of the cold water and add the turkey. Probably overkill, but everyone comments on how tasty it is.