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Nov 18, 2012 06:31 PM

Beer/Wine Tasting Classes in Toronto

Hey There! I'm looking for, as the subject may suggest ,beer/wine (with some kind of food pairing) tasting classes in Toronto to give as a gift to a couple of friends of mine for Christmas. Any kind of food, an perhaps not only beer and wine, they are interested in expanding their alcohol knowledge overall. I'm having trouble with the simple google search, does anyone know of some good places (that are not on the too rich side)? Thank you! :)

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  1. If you are looking for light, fun, generally good value classes, then the LCBO offers many. If you are looking for heavier, more academic classes, then look up IWEG (

    1. Check with beerbistro about options for beer tasting/gift certificates. I know they do beer tastings for corporate events (I haven't been to one but heard positive reviews from those attending). They are into the concept of pairing beer + food courses. (They also offer any 3 draught beer samples for $6.) I'm not aware of them having scheduled tasting events, but you can see if they might customize a package/gift certificate that meets your budget.

      For wine tasting, you could check with Crush Wine Bar. They do sell flights of wine, and you could check if they might have other pairing options. I've heard of them having classes or events in past but am not sure if it is something they do regularly.