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Nov 18, 2012 06:09 PM

Coctail suggestions for infused vodka

I'm experimenting with infused vodkas, and my latest experiment involved 2 dried chile pods, some slices of fresh ginger and peels from a lime. It's been infusing for 3 days, and it's an interesting taste, mostly the chile burn, with the lime notes and the ginger a distant thrid in the taste profile.

I'm wondering what kind of cocktail I could make with this. My first thought was something margarita-sh with citrus and sweet. Then I thought that maybe some coconut milk/coconut water. I'm not sure of the proportions. (The infusion is made with a 80 proof vodka.)

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  1. I'd be inclined to add more ginger and use it as a flavoring, rather than a base spirit. Some maybe rum or tequila, a bit of your tincture, fresh lemon juice, and sugar. Ginger itself is spicy, so the tincture will be quite spicy. I assume you like that.

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    1. Maybe try mixing up a mule(or buck): your vodka + ginger beer+ lime juice and shell. Or how about a Julup variation with a little of the vodka with sugar, mint, bitters and bourbon. On an aside, when infusing Vodka, always they to do small amounts while experimenting so you do not have to throw too much out if it is horrid.