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Chinese Food in the 50's

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The only place I ever ate at that left a indelible, beautifully etched memory, was George Joe's restaurant downtown San Diego. I was barely 10 when I first started seeing the wonderful, dark green interior of Joe's famous Chinese restaurant. The food at Joe's--nothing compared to it then or now. The service was always impeccable. The last time I saw George and his wife was when they came to dinner at our house in Chula Vista 1962. I miss that place that famous restaurant with all the autographed photographs of Gable, Garbo, Bogart, Fred Astaire, Kathrine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy that hung on the wall as you entered the restaurant. There were other signed photographs of Reagan and politicians. My favorite appetizer was a marinated thin slice of beef in a paper wrap. I've never had anything like it sense.

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  1. Sounds cool! What happened to George Joe's?

    1. George Joe's moved out to La Mesa, but was never the same. Another good place was the "Sheng Haw Lo" on Third Ave N/O Broadway upstairs, eventually settling 58th and University having succombed to the buffet. Jimmy Wong's "Golden Dragon" on University between Fourth and Fifth was good, but overated in my opinion. Sitting here today I'm going to cast my vote for "Wong's Nanking" at Fifth and Island.