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Nov 18, 2012 05:29 PM

Need help - Goose for Thanksgiving

So I'm picking up a goose from The Organic Butcher in McLean, and will be transporting it on ice to SC to cook at my family's home for Thanksgiving. I plan to do a citrus zest (lemon & lime) and Chinese 5 spice rub, and then will put it in the oven. The goose is expected to be between 8-12lbs. Does anyone have any advice on cook temps and time? The only thing I have heard even remotely helpful was to start it off breast side down for 3/4 of the cook time, then flip it. I've never done goose and just did my first turkey last year. I hear they are nothing alike, as a goose is all dark meat.

Any guidance is much appreciated!!

Thanks! Jamie

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  1. I'm doing a duck for Thanksgiving, which isn't all that different. I'd suggest scoring the goose and pricking it all over, so that it renders as much fat as possible. Doing it breast side down is going to help render a lot of the fat, but I'd only do it breast down for half the time. Goose and duck breasts should be served medium rare, but that's not going to happen with a whole roast bird. Go for 160 in the thigh and let it rest for a half hour before you cut into it.

    Cook time will depend on the temp of the bird to start, plus the quirks of your particular bird, plus the quirks of your oven, plus the quirks of the universe. Make sure you bring it to room temperature first, so it will cook evenly. It's up to you to decide whether you want to do higher temperature (usually results in crispier skin) or lower temperature (usually cooks more evenly). Once you choose, you can get rough time estimates from googling, but I'd plan on letting your thermometer be your guide since no two birds cook exactly the same.

    Have the liver for breakfast (cooked in lots of butter and spread onto toast, or put into an omelette).

    Make sure to save the fat; throw some of it on your mashed potatoes.