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Nov 18, 2012 05:20 PM

Thanksgiving Costs -where you are, 2012

Just curious about costs for other hounds around the country! How many people are you feeding and what has been your food and drink costs this year? What part of the country?

I am hosting 11 people this year and I have just returned from my "big" shopping day. I still have odds and ends to pick up though...I am not done quite yet.....and I also felt it necessary to restock some basic booze (vodka, gin, etc) "just in case" so that inflates my total by about 150 bucks.

I am asking family members to contribute some extra wine, beer and pop. One daughter is bringing a special yam dish, otherwise, I am providing all the food-the apps, an immense dinner with 2 small turkeys and 4 different desserts, with some specialty items for 2 vegetarians and a gluten free which contributed to the costs.

Also, 4 adult children are staying through the weekend, so I still need to plan a bit more for that.

So far, my tally is right around $500.00 for 11 people in Washington state.

What is yours? If you are not hosting but needing to bring "dessert for 12" or something, I am interested in those costs too.

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  1. I have not done the shop yet, doing that Thursday, but I expect for 10 people It will cost $75 without th turkey, I am catering for a my boss and he already bought the turkey, think it cost $60 but am not sure. I am keeping it cheap as it is for catering and its for people that don't celebrate thanksgiving, and am doing cost effective dishes like braised cabbage, sautéed string beans, a carrot dish and smashed potatoes, plus turkey, stuffing, gravy and apple crisp for dessert. I have not factored in alcohol cost by I am sure by boss will just buy a couple bottles of wine so not too expensive.

    1. $94 for dinner for 5. That included 2 bottles of lower-mid price wine, 14# frozen turkey, 2 different appetizers, six sides, and pecan bars for dessert.

      But there will be leftovers for days, and since I will have guest for days it goes towards it.

      1. Pretty inexpensive.
        Turkey: I don't know exactly yet, but under $10. I am going to pick up a small ( 10 lbs-ish) fresh one on Wednesday, and I have a coupon for $15 off any turkey, so probably free.
        Stuffing: 2 loaves of bread for $5; celery, 99 cents, onions, I don't know...always have on hand, butter, about 75 cents, so, maybe 7 or 8 dollars.
        Gravy: Pretty much free. a few cents worth of flour and some wine.
        Mashed potatoes: Russets were on sale last week for $1.89 for a 5-lb bag
        Sweet potatoes: $2.50
        Cranberry sauce: 2 bags of cranberries for $5, maybe 50 cents worth of sugar, and a little bit of wine...$2.50?
        Broccoli casserole: haven't bought the broccoli yet, will get it fresh on Wednesday, but another 75 cents worth of butter, about $2 worth of cheese, and a sleeve of Ritz crackers, 75 cents?
        Brussels sprouts: $3 per pound, so maybe $5...(also haven't bought them yet)
        Relish tray: Have the only pickles we will eat always on hand, I think they are like $3 per jar, and bought Kalmata olives at the olive bar for $7/pound.
        My mom is bringing banana and cranberry bread.
        I will make pumpkin bread, which probably costs, I don't know, like $3 per loaf to make.
        Apple pie...maybe another $5 or $6?
        Pumpkin pie....maybe $ 4 per pie? (guessing, never costed out all the ingredients,,,usually have most things on hand)
        wine...4 bottles....about $40
        vodka for pre-dinner cocktails...$15
        We are having 5 adults and 3 kids, there will be lots of leftovers....I came up with an estimated total of around $100..Really not bad at all.
        .(.I also forgot to add oysters, they were $11 for a pint, and I will use a couple of dollars worth of bread crumbs, cream and butter to make the scalloped oysters.)

        1. I'm in Massachusetts. Looks like we'll be 5-7, with a couple of little kids. I expect total cost to run around $150.

          Groceries (without turkey) today, including appetizer stuff like cheeses, pita chips olives, nuts, stuff for crudites/dipping plus veggies for cooking (acorn and butternut squash, fresh green beans, carrots, onions etc), plus fixings for lasagna (sausage, ricotta, spinach, noodles, etc), and three bottles of wine (two red, one white, all under $15 a bottle) and sundries (whipping cream, sour cream, coffee, eggs, Advil, etc) totalled $110.
          Add on the turkey and whatever I've forgotten, and I think I'm looking at $150-ish.

          1. We are in the South, this year it's just the 3 of us and while I haven't shopped yet it won't be much. I have a turkey in the freezer that was bought awhile ago and I only need to buy a few things as I have a well stocked pantry. So cranberries, fresh herbs, sweet potatoes, shallots, celery, sausage and scallions. Maybe a couple other things, I have everything else.