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Nov 18, 2012 05:17 PM

Delmonicos or Cut

Staying at the Palazzo during the last week of December. Looking for a top end steakhouse dinner.
Both Delmonicos and Cut are located within the property.
Hoping to find a great steak with a perfectly made cesare salad, tableside service would be great.
Where wine is concerned I'm certain both offer some great options. Does one location provide better service over the other. Is one place more cozy, quiet (romantic) than the other.
The bottom line really is about the meal (meat).
I'm usually a fan of a rib steak.
What would you consider the best steak offering at each place. (No Wagu)
I appreciate any input you may have to offer.... Thank you

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  1. The bone-in ribeye at Delmonicos is outstanding. They also have a $25/bottle corkage fee which is really reasonable for a Strip steak house of this qualilty. They have a very good Caesar salad and it is prepared tableside.

    I haven't dined at Cut.

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      Do NOT forget the parmesan truffle chips at Delmonico. Eaten at both, Found actual steak better at Cut, but Delmonico was good. Ate at at Cut with vegetarian girlfriend and they bent over backwards to accomodate her. Ate at Delmonico solo and service was very good. Still have Craft my top of list, with Carnevino and SW right there. Vibe a little steelier at Cut, with nice booths.

    2. Personal choice is Cut. All in all though I don't think you can go wrong with either.

      Blue Crab and Shrimp Louie app
      37 day dry aged Rib Eye.

      and for me a Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives =Happy Boy

      1. I've dined twice at CUT; loved it the first time (dined with my sister and had the wonderful Kobe); dined the following year solo and didn't love it at all--no Kobe and the Australian wagyu was a real let down for the same price as the Kobe from the previous year. Also was seated at a table that was next to the wallk way from the kitchen. When I return to LV this spring, I'm trying Delmonico since I've read wonderful things about it on this board.