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Nov 18, 2012 04:20 PM

Pink Lady Apples in SF?

I have a recipe for an apple pie that calls for Pink Lady apples. Has anyone seen Pink Lady apples in SF markets recently? Thanks!

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  1. Several sizes available at Berkeley Bowl. I just bought some and BBE is convenient to BART.

    1. They're in season, and market with a good produce selection should have them (according their website, Safeway has them).

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        According to the ladies at Rainbow Orchards at Apple Hill, Pink Lady's make the best apple pie...we shall see! Thanks

        1. re: Jim

          They are very good eating apples but very dense and rather dry as apples go. They cook up firm and hold their shape. They certainly will make a great pie, but I would add some Granny Smiths to soften it up a bit.

          1. re: budnball

            Pink Ladies are my go to for pie. I usually mix in some Fuji in about a 2-3 parts Pink Lady to 1 part Fuji.

            1. re: clg898

              Yes, the ladies at Apple Hill suggested 1/4 golden delicious and 3/4 pink lady. Made the pie Wed. and it was delicious. Having another piece tonight!!