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Nov 18, 2012 04:19 PM

How Long Can I Store This Beer?

In August, I bought an extra case of Victory Summer Love in anticipation of a weekend trip. The trip was cancelled and I still have the case. The "expiration date" is in December 2012. If I store it in my basement (which is pretty cool), any chance it will be drinkable by next Summer? Or do I need to throw a beach party themed Christmas party and use it then?

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  1. The sooner you drink it the better it will be. IMO even Dec. is too long to wait. With delicate pale ales that rely on hop flavor my limit is two months. Once it starts exhibiting stale hop flavors, I have no interest. Standard shelf life used to be four months for a style like this, but brewers seem to be expanding that window these days.

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    1. My local is currently selling cases of this beer at a blow out $13.99. For that price I had to buy a case and I can say the beer tastes just fine. The hops still seem fresh and the crispness is still intact. Im no big fan of diminished ales so I was delighted when I took my first sip and I doubt this case will last more than a month in my house (party or not). Not sure what the effect of sitting on them until next summer would be though but it cant be good. Why wouldnt it just go into your regular rotation? Just because it has the word "summer" in it doesnt mean its not a decent beer any time of the year.

      1. On the other hand, you can drink the beer right now and store it in your body for years and years...

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          It sounds like something is wrong, if it is stored in your body for more than a few hours, no?

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            I was suggesting the resulting weight gain...

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              Well, I guess that's a different sort of problem than I had envisioned.