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Best Apple Pie in Northern NJ?

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Hi. I am looking for the best bakery for Thanksgiving pies. Ideally I would like a plain old fashioned deep dish apple pie. I live in Northern NJ and have already tried Carlo's in Hoboken, and B&W in Hackensack and was not impressed. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rispoli in Ridgefield is another well known bakery in the area. No experience with their pies though.

    1. Balthazar....in Englewood.



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        Thank you!

      2. I would highly recommend Butterflake bakery in Teaneck. A couple of months ago we had to visit some people in Teaneck and I had always heard that the Butterflake was a good bakery. We stopped and randomly chose an apple crumb pie. I have to tell you everyone loved it. You know it just had that taste of an old fashioned bakery. It was really delicious. In fact, we can't wait to be out that way again to get another one it was that good.

        1. Abma's farm in Wyckoff. http://www.abmasfarm.com/market.php

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            Thanks everyone!