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Nov 18, 2012 03:35 PM

London- Hackney- What is new?

We very foolishly moved from a glorious life in Hackney to the Midwest in America about 1.5 years ago. We miss it daily, and are eagerly looking forward to our week long visit after xmas. We yearn for Growing Communities and their farmers market, Towpath, the beer at the Jolly Butcher, Railroad Cafe, the spicy tuna wraps at Cafe Oto, lahmacun for lunch and gozleme on Saturdays and menemen on Sundays, knowing what number tofu bun with lemongrass and chili is on the menu at any and all Vietnamese places on the A10, silly drunken nights at the Haggerston, etc. I'm tearing up as I type this. What new and notables have popped up? Where do you get great pour over coffee?

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  1. I've been to StreetFeast (!tr...) at Hackney Down Studios (on Downs Rd, above Hackney Downs) on a few Friday nights. They've got a good selection of trendy and tasty streetfood carts, a lot of music, some overpriced (surprise surprise) Red Stripe and a very convivial atmosphere. I think these are the guys that ran the nighttime foodmarket in Dalston round this time last year, but this one is much much much better run.

    1. Lardo in Richmond Road is a great new addition, their pizzas are fantastic. Also L'entrepot which is by the guys that run Borough Wines on Dalston Lane is also really good. Ombra on Mare St can be a bit hit and miss - if you get there a bit later they have sometimes run out of most choices, but what I have eaten there is always good. And of course Broadway Market has their usual stalls, but you may find there have been quite a few new new additions you should check out.

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        cock tavern for beer selection

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          that sounds like some serious gentrification!

      2. This Bright Field near Ombra on Cambridge Heath Road is really nice. I'm veg so can't vouch for 90% of the menu. Definitely worth a visit

        Lardo has excellent pizza. A couple of new cafe's on Hackney Road. Apparently there is an incredible burrito joint on Kingsland Road right near the grocery which I haven't tried either.

        Unpackaged food store is moving from Amwell St Clerkenwell to Hackney next month and will have a cafe/restaurant.

        Supper club scene is still going as well.

        Hackney Farm on a Thursday night is still great

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          We are veg, too. What veg meals have you had recently in hackney?