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Nov 18, 2012 02:29 PM

Over brined chicken breasts. Any way to save them?

My fault completely. I brined six boneless skinless chicken breasts in a standard brine solution intended for 8 hours. Things got busy around the house and the 8 hour brine turned into 30 hours. When I took the chicken out of the brine, it was a bit on the firm side. Not like shoe leather but firmer than it should be. I washed it off and let it soak in cold water for two hours. I cut a piece off and gave it a quick sauté. It was good texture wise but, way too salty. Is there any way to save this chicken. I was thinking of boiling it with onions, carrots, and celery for 15 minutes in a large pot and then use the meat for chicken salad. Any ideas on this matter?

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  1. i think your chicken salad idea is a great solution. shred the meat pretty finely so that you don't bite into large chunks of salty meat. the more evenly distributed and coated with dressing, the better to dilute the saltiness.

    1. I think I would try another, longer cold water soak. Theoretically, the salt will migrate out until the meat and water are equally salty. Maybe as much as 24 hours, or try changing the water a few times.

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        yes, this. the initial brine working through osmosis. the cells want to reach equilibrium. put them in unsalted water for over night and you should see some improvement.

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          It works with salt cod ................frequent water changes .If you want try milk or apple juice.Let us know how it turns out

        1. I soaked it again then poached it in white wine and dill. It came out acceptable.