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Nov 18, 2012 02:25 PM

thanksgiving in guadalajara

suggestions? I was hoping to avoid a high cost dinner at a hotel. thanks!

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  1. Sweetwankle, I don't want to state the obvious...but Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated in Mexico. You'll be able to eat dinner that day at any restaurant in Guadalajara. I don't guarantee turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce, but maybe a great mole con guacalote (mole with turkey) would do the trick. Try La Chata The location in the Centro Histórico is charming. I don't recommend the other location.


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    1. Are you kidding? I thought Cristina's reply was helpful, particularly since I had the exact same reaction to your question that she did.

      If you're looking for an American-style Thanksgiving dinner you should probably head to Ajijic. The ex-pat community there is sure to have something planned.

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        If you think you might go to Ajijic, see if you can get a reservation at La Nueva Posada. They always put on quite a Thanksgiving spread. Unfortunately at this late date the seatings are probably sold out.


    2. I like Cocina 88 in Guadalajara.

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        Me too, Bronwen. It's a very well-done and interesting restaurant.

        And certainly there are lots of other options in Guadalajara
        --Sacromonte can be good, but it can also be mediocre
        --La Matera is marvelous (Argentine steakhouse)
        --Adobe or Casa Fuerte in Tlaquepaque