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Nov 18, 2012 02:14 PM

Dry Mustard Shelf Life

I have a tin of dry mustard ... probably at least 3 yrs. old, that is rarely used. I need about two teaspoons for my turkey breast and wonder if it is too old. Does it lose it's flavor like wet mustard?


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  1. Not noticied any problem. The tin we currently have has a "best before" date of 2009 and it still seems fine.

    1. The best way to tell is to taste it. So many factors can impact how long a spice is good for, not just the age of item.

      If you can’t bear to taste the dried mustard by itself you can mix w/ a little mayo and dip a pretzel in it or put on sandwich. With

      1. Oh, goodness, mine is 11 years past its expiration date. I never use it, the kids used to use it, and left it here in the top of my cabinet. My brother wants it, but I need to know if its OK or not. Probably better toss it, and buy some new.

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          Not going to kill you but will not have the same bite. Will not have a good flavor at all, toss it. I do buy it in big plastic bottles but the tins do seem to keep it better.

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            It will lose some potency but, is fine. That will last long past our departure.

          2. Thanks to all of you ... I hate throwing out spices... even when the tins get old enough to walk to the garbage can by themselves.

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              Thank you all for the answers, my brother took one look at the tin, and said he would drive all the way to the store, 7 miles, to get some new.
              I think that I shall go thru my spices and take a look at my dates on them, and replace any that are really old or icky.
              I try to write the date of purchase on everything we buy that we know that won't get used up right away.