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Nov 18, 2012 02:03 PM

Bollini Pinot Grigio

Are you at all familiar with this wine?

Tried some the other week and very pleased at how well it complimented local Oysters and even my Chum Salmon Caviar-a notoriously difficult match.

Can you recommend other PGs from Italy that are somewhat similar?


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  1. Bolini was one of the first brands to come into the US with varietal labeling, thanks to Neil Empson, back in 1979. What started out as a $3.99 bottle has now climbed to $13.99. Again, it's a brand, not a winery. Depending upon your budget, and what you are truly looking for, I'd keep an eye out of Pinot Grigios from the Alto-Adige. Look for the Pinot Grigio from Tiefenbrunner ($10.99), for example.

    Then again, since you're in BC . . . I'm not sure what is available to you.