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Bollini Pinot Grigio

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Are you at all familiar with this wine?


Tried some the other week and very pleased at how well it complimented local Oysters and even my Chum Salmon Caviar-a notoriously difficult match.

Can you recommend other PGs from Italy that are somewhat similar?


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  1. Bolini was one of the first brands to come into the US with varietal labeling, thanks to Neil Empson, back in 1979. What started out as a $3.99 bottle has now climbed to $13.99. Again, it's a brand, not a winery. Depending upon your budget, and what you are truly looking for, I'd keep an eye out of Pinot Grigios from the Alto-Adige. Look for the Pinot Grigio from Tiefenbrunner ($10.99), for example.

    Then again, since you're in BC . . . I'm not sure what is available to you.