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Nov 18, 2012 01:41 PM

spatchcock turkey

has anyone made this

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  1. For the last two years. Easy and roasts faster. You will never go back to a whole turkey again.

      1. I just finished hacking the backbone out of mine! Easier than I thought it woiuld be. The backbone & neck are now simmering with veggies for stock. The liver & heart have been fried up & I'm nibbling on them. I need to watch the spatchcock video again to see what I need to do with the breastbone & how to turn the thigh sections. I'm going to brine, air dry for a day or so then roast in my regular rectangular turkey roasting pan.

          1. Great method, especially if you do a Zuni-style dry brine and dry out the skin

            Martha Stewart version is reliable