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Nov 18, 2012 01:39 PM

Fresh Yeast in Seattle

I'm looking for some fresh yeast to make stollen for X'mas.
Is there any place I can buy it in Seattle?

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  1. You could try Whole Foods' baking counter - they always sold it to me in Vancouver. It most likely won't be on display, you'll have to ask.

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    1. re: reiney

      Thank you reiney!
      I asked Whole Food's bakery section if they have it, but unfortunately, they said that Whole foods in WA or OR only have a dry yeast:(

      1. re: zizialaska

        Bugger. Report back if you find it, I'm keen to find out too!

          1. re: firecracker

            Thank you, firecracker!
            Unfortunately, there's no Metropolitan Market close to my place...
            But I will try to check whenever I have a chance to go there!

        1. re: mrnelso

          Thank you mrnelso!
          I had a chance to go to seattle downton and stopped by Big John's PFI. But they didn't have a fresh yeast....
          Although I couldn't find it, that store is awesome, and I definitely will come back! Thank you again for your suggestion:)

          1. re: zizialaska

            You're welcome.
            Just don't tell anybody

        2. I've seen fresh yeat at Top/Haggen's in the refrigeration section near the refirgerator biscuits, eggs and refrigerated pie crust.

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          1. re: dave_c

            Thank you, dave_c!
            I FOUND IT at Top near my house!!!!!
            Thank you soooooo much for your suggestion:)
            I couldn't find a fresh yeast in the refrigeration section at first, so I asked at the bakery section and they have it.
            Fresh "Fleischmann's yeast" is sold by block(1lb), and 1block yeast cost $2.
            I'm happy to know that I can get fresh yeast easily now.

            1. re: zizialaska

              Quite amazing. There was a thread about this a few years ago when several of us searched for it. I even called SAF/Red Star. They explained why fresh yeast was not sold much anywhere other than near their factory. No one found it then in Seattle.

              You should be aware that fresh yeast is a relatively short-lived product. It's one reason Red Star stopped selling it. They say they found that refrigeration was not consistently maintained throughout the supply chain or too many stores kept it on the shelves too long.

              Many bakers have found other yeast products that work. When I do croissants, for example, I need to keep the dough at a relatively low temperature. That's why fresh yeast is good. The substitute is quick rise yeast. It does not need to be dissolved in warm water like regular, dry yeast. I get excellent results with Red Star quick rise. I do not get as good results with the Fleischmann equivalent. That says nothing about Fleischmann fresh yeast, which I have not tried. Maybe I will when next I'm in Seattle.