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Nov 18, 2012 01:34 PM

Robert Sinskey or Tulocay?

I realize they are probably very different choices, but looking for additional feedback to round out my itinerary

Headed up to Napa/Sonoma from SF next weekend for a Saturday outing, staying over Saturday night in downtown Napa and headed back to LA on Sunday after brunch.

Current plan is to start out Saturday at Scribe in Sonoma, and then head to Elyse. Have never been to Scribe, which looks interesting, and Elyse is an old personal favorite.

Tend to like smaller, more personal tasting rooms. Other places I've been in the past include Failla, Nyers and Domaine Chandon (I realize this is not small or personal).

Big fan of Ridge and Orin Swift wines, but can buy those at home and they seem like a trek. Worth it nonetheless? Also a fan of Clos du Val, but not sure the vineyard is worth a visit.

Both Sinskey and Tulocay seem to get good feedback on here, and seem close by. I've seen the recs for Littorai, Outpost, Lamborn etc, but the tasting fees seem on the high side.

Is there somewhere else in we're missing, or is one of those two a good idea?

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  1. I am a big fan of Sinksey because of the food pairings they offer and the great, personable service.

    The deal with the costs at Littorai, Outpost, and Lamborn is that they are way off the beaten-track and are destination wineries while Sinskey and Tulocay are on main roads that see a lot more traffic; they are also higher-production wineries and have more product to sell, so they don't need to charge as much for the tastings.

    Personally, I ADORE Outpost and Lamborn wines and their one-on-one service is great. But it will involve a lot more driving, especially if you are trying to fit it in from a Sonoma (Scribe) tasting. Getting from Sonoma back over the Napa and then up to Howell Mountain will take some time. Have you thought of just staying in Sonoma?

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      Would be open to staying in Sonoma. Elyse is a personal favorite and I want to re-stock, but possible to do that before heading back on Sunday if the itinerary sends us in a different direction.

      Do any of Littorai, Outpost or Lamborn waive their fees if you buy wine?