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Nov 18, 2012 01:22 PM

The best thing I had today

Sometimes there's only one thing that stands out in a meal or your daily food and drink experience and other than twittering it out it's hard to give it it's due. So, I thought why not a thread on just one thing? It could be just the appetizer in a meal, a cookie, amazing whiskey sour etc....but only one great thing.

To start off:

The Bacon and Egg Udon served at Harvest on Union. A rainy, dreary Fall day, and getting a bowl of Harvest's B and E Udon (brunch only) made my day. A rich, homemade broth with two perfectly poached free range eggs, a couple of strips of bacon on top and of course the noodles and a few greens thrown in.
All this while sitting in a cozy little shop. Man, was I happy!

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  1. Tri tip (medium rare) steak and eggs cooked lovinging for and by moi

    1. Fresh beets cooked and chilled for a beet salad, fresh beet greens cooked with bacon and onion, served over jalapeno corn bread. All cooked by me! Best meal I have cooked this month.

      1. Irish Stew, I made early afternoon. Just felt like one of those days, some hearty meaty thick tucker that stick to yer ribs :-D

        1. I made a batch of sea salt caramels (regular fleur de sel inside, topped with sel gris). Oh god. I'm an absolute masochist when it comes to testing my own willpower.

          1. Bahn xeo at Mui Ngo Gai. Seconded closely by the thit kho to.