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Nov 18, 2012 12:25 PM

Dinner after the Barners?

Think 4 middle-aged ladies who are adventerous eaters. Where should we dine after a Sunday afternoon at the Barnes?

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  1. Branzino always delivers a fine Italian meal.
    Estia for Greek seafood is outstanding.
    Others will weigh in with suggestions. These are my top 2.

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      Four restaurants that come to mind that have specials on Sunday are Amis and the Dandelion Pub. Amis, off of Broad Street has a family style homemade spaghetti and meatball special. Dandelion Pub, in the Rittenhouse neighborhood has Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Both comfort foods will go well after having done the marathon that is the Barnes. Matyson, also in the Rittenhouse area, and a BYO, has Sunday special meal that varies each Sunday and is worth considering. Price point is about $35.00. Lastly, Bistro La Minette off of South Street has a great Sunday pix fixe meal special. There are of course plenty of others but I just wanted to highlight special deals available on Sundays for dinner. With the exception of Dandelion Pub, each of these are available beginning at 5pm.

    2. The Matyson tasting menu usually has adventurous dishes, sometimes very adventurous like when they did an all-offal menu. It's also walking distance from the Barnes. The menu will be posted a few days before Sunday here:

      Personally I think Branzino and Estia are about as far from adventurous as you will find in Center City, though the daily flown in fresh fish at Estia is very nice (and expensive). The Sunday menus at Amis and Bistrot are also not very exciting though Bistrot is a good deal.

      It would help if you could expand on what you like to eat (are you looking for exotic ingredients or just preparations that aren't mundane?), do you want to walk from Barnes or planning or drive or cab, and general price range.

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      1. re: barryg

        Barry - thanks for catching the part about adventurous eaters. With regard to Matyson you are confusing the Sunday menu and the tasting menu. They have a different menu available just on Sundays. It usually is 10 dollars cheaper and not necessarily the same as the weeks tasting menu which is from Monday to Thursday. For example tonight's menu is:


        Sunday, November 18, 2012


        Turkey Sundays
        Cold Smoked Turkey Breast
        Cranberry, celery root, kale, brie

        Turkey Pho
        Meatballs, dark meat, crispy skin

        Turkey Schnitzel
        Cauliflower puree, rye spaetzle, brussels sprouts, maple mustard

        Gingersnap Ice Cream Sandwich
        $35 Prix fixe does not include tax, beverage, or gratuity

        The link for the Sunday menu is:

        To the original poster.. if you could be more specific about what you mean by adventurous eating (OFAL ethnic sushi etc) we probably could provide some more suggestions.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Nice, didn't know about this but it looks great. They are doing crazy stuff with pho and asian soups, can't wait til Cheu opens.

      2. Vernick Tavern is excellent (small plates--fine dining type of cooking) and walking distance in Rittenhouse Square after the Barnes (but make reservations). If you don't mind taking a cab, I would also recommend Zahav (Society Hill-Israeli) or Zoo Kee Do (Norther Liberties, Portuguese)

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        1. re: Jeanhea

          +1 for everything Jean said! Here is another example of the Matyson Sunday dinner menu.

          Lobster Sunday
          November 25, 2012

          Lobster & Squash Coconut Curry
          mango chutney, peanut, thai basil

          Ricotta Cavatelli
          lobster & shrimp sausage, broccoli rabe, pine nuts

          Butter Poached Lobster
          potato, fennel, pernod, sourdough

          Apple Cranberry Strudel
          caramel ice cream

          $35 prix fixe does not include tax, beverage or gratuity.