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Dungeness Crab 2012 Central Coast

Any spotted int he Santa Cruz area?

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    1. I'm going to check tomorrow. I get them from the fish monger at the harbor. Located below Johnny's Harborside. I hope the crab tanks are full. If you want cooked one's most of the stores have them.

      1. Got 12 in Moss Landing harbor on Fri. $5 lb. avg 1 1/2 lbs

        1. Just got my email from Local Catch Community Supported Fishery that says this about the season so far:

          "We expected that we'd be able to make you all thankful for Dungeness crab this week, but it turns out that crab season (which opened last Thursday) has gotten off to a sluggish start. There just don't seem to be that many crabs around quite yet. Fear not... it's very early in a season that lasts until June, so you'll definitely get your crab "fix" before too long. We do have 200 pounds of locally caught Dungeness, which is available first-come, first-served this week on our Web Store - more info below."

          The cooked and cleaned crabs are $14 each.

          1. Moss Landing Harbor fiahing boats contact info. I've purchased crabs from Gardenia on several occasions.

            Wild Fish
            7881 Sandholdt Road, Dock A
            Fishing Vessel "Tina Louise".
            Call for hours and availability.
            Fresh fish, shrimp and live crab.

            Monterey Bay Live Crab
            7881 Sandholdt Road, Dock A
            Fishing Vessel "Gardenia."
            Call for hours and availability.
            Fresh fish and live crab

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              Thanks much for posting contact info, especially the phone numbers. I used to call the Harbor Master to ask if the "crabs for sale" sign was out anywhere and I'm sure the office will be glad to be rid of me! In the past I've bought from the "Beticia", but missed it last season. Still around?

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                I don't remember the Beticia from last season. My wife bought them last week; it wasn't off the Gardenia (where we usually buy), but she's not sure of the name of the boat.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  My wife did indeed by those crabs off Beticia.......

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                    Thanks, Dave.

                    A friend brought us some crabs today that he pulled out of the Monterey Bay this morning. They were all under 2 lbs. and the shells still seem a bit on the soft side.

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                  The Gardenia boat folks say that they get back to dock about 2 PMish from crabbing.

                3. Far West Marine immediately behind Johnny's Harborside in Santa Cruz has the live ones for $4.50/lb.

                  493 Lake Ave.
                  831-462-9452 (no guarantee they'll answer, get there btw 8:30 AM and noon)

                  1. This weekend I was silly with delight -- fresh cooked crab from Staff of Life cost $5.99 a pound.

                    Since we were staying at a place without a kitchen, I especially was thrilled that the dude behind the counter offered to clean and crack them. he did a great job. And we enjoyed every morsel. The crabs were FRESH tasting. they were beauties: about 2 pounds each, and sweet tasting.

                    1. I have a different phone number for Monterey Bay Live Crab, the Gardenia: 831.901.1013.