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Nov 18, 2012 11:59 AM

Can I make braciole (whole recipe, not just browning the meat) the day before?

I want to serve braciole for dinner tomorrow, and have seen recipes note that the steps up to rolling the meat and browning it can be done in advance, with the meat wrapped in plastic & chilled overnight, and then simmer the next day (day of serving). But it would still need to simmer for ~3 hours which I won't have time for (will have ~ 90m). So can I make the whole thing the night before, and then cover it, put it in the fridge & reheat the day of? Or will it not keep well that way? Alternately, would it work in a crockpot? (I'd prefer doing the whole thing the night before, but if the crockpot would be a better option, that'd still work)

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  1. I also just found a recipe from Giada that bakes the braciole instead of simmering it on a stovetop, and cuts down on the time (bakes for about 90m total). I've never tried or heard of this technique, though the recipe has good reviews - does anyone have experience with this method? Thanks!

    1. I do and you can go as far as you want in advance.If I am holding it for the following day I stop about an hour short of done/finished.There is a lot of residual heat that keeps working before the actual cool down.
      Finish,I do not try to get it up to temp fast.Maybe 3 to 5 minutes on high and reduce to the lowest setting for ? 45 to 60 minutes.Also been know to do the high on a burner and move to the oven.Either way will eat your 90 minutes,but save your plan/schedule.

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      1. I think it may even be better the next day, like a pot roast or stew. I would vote against crock pot but agree that oven can be a great way to braise with even temp and no hot spots. Either reheat on top of stove or in oven. It will be fine.

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