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Nov 18, 2012 11:48 AM

Roast Broccoli Virgin

I have to admit I have never done this but need a trusty recipe for a buffet for 10 people the night before Thanksgiving and this sounds perfect to me. I'm having a meet the new in -laws dinner party with Chicken Mirabel and basmati rice and a cauliflower salad. I have been looking at a few recipes for roast broccoli and need help!

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  1. Although I would pick another vegetable since you're already serving its cousin the cauliflower, here's the simplest recipe: Cut into flowerettes keeping non-woody stem (peel if tough). Toss with olive oil and salt. Roast in large pan, tossing as needed, until browned and tender.

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      I've done it this way too, then squeezed half of a lemon then some freshly grated parmesan over the broccoli when it comes out of the oven. Delicious.

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        After Gretchen's warning about the smell I moved on to a braise of swiss chard tossed with oil and garlic and finished with some chicken broth but I will experiment with roast broccoli when I'm not have first time guests for dinner. We eat broccoli at least once a week and I am ready for some variety.
        Thanks to all who answered!

      2. The thing about roasted broccoli (and I truly love it) is that it's going to stink up your house. And I also agree that it's redundant with the cauliflower. What about braised leeks or braised greens of some sort?

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          Had no idea it would smell and we have an open plan condo- I will re think the green veg. Thanks Gretchen!

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            roasted green beans or summer squashes are terrific, as an alternative to broccoli. I do exactly what escondido said up thread.

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              I made roasted balsamic green beans the other day. Really delicious and I started with frozen.

              1. re: cheesecake17

                our cafeteria does green beans, I haven't tried them yet.

                yesterday I roasted 3 pans of veggies. One of zuchinni and yellow squash, the other with butternut and onions - for my lunches this week. For dinner I did a pan of baby carrots and onions - DH's favorite.

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                  What do you put on the baby carrots and onions?

                  I made roasted zucchini sticks tonight, with a little roasted potato seasoning

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    i usually just use some salt, pepper and garlic powder. if the mood strikes, I'll use penzey's turkish seasoning blend tho.

        2. I love marinading it in a bit of garlic and chilli before roasting, it gives a little Italian kick to it!