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Nov 18, 2012 11:35 AM

Truffle Season - Restaurants

Help fellow Chowhounders!

I have a friend who's really into Black Truffles and I know the season is over in November.

Anybody know Toronto restaurants that have it on their menu?


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  1. Acadia is doing a truffle tasting menu today and tomorrow!

    1. IIRC, Coppi at Yonge and Lawrence has truffle-season menus.

      Went a couple years ago- man did that place reek to heaven (and I mean that in only the best possible way!).

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      1. re: biggreenmatt

        Thanks biggreenmatt... I checked it out. Your memory doesn't fail you, but unfortunately they do White truffles and I'm looking for the Black truffles :( I know White Truffle season doesn't end until December. But time is ticking in my hunt for Black Truffles!

        1. re: th3hungrycat

          I *think* Splendido is serving black truffles right now - but I'm not 100% positive. Perhaps you might want to call them and ask.


          1. re: justxpete

            Yes, I had some at Splendido last week.

            1. re: justxpete

              Also, Perigold black truffles (considered the best black truffles), generally start around December, and finish in March/April.

              1. re: justxpete

                I believe the Perigold black truffles are the Winter Black Truffles versus the summer ones (which I'm told the season is at its end).

                1. re: th3hungrycat

                  I am more familiar with Italian and Croatian truffles as that is where I have eaten them many, many times and have truffle hunted lots, too. It is currently white truffle season there (it begins the end of September and ends end of December). They are far more prized than black but perhaps that is only there.

                  I ordered a book on truffles from Amazon which should arrive Thursday. Maybe I will have more info soon! :)

                  1. re: th3hungrycat

                    So you're saying he only wants black summer truffles?

              2. re: th3hungrycat

                Just curious why you are seeking black truffles as opposed to white. Is it a matter of flavour? I'm a passionate truffle lover. Inquiring minds want to know! :)

                1. re: chefathome

                  I'm actually a real newb when it comes to truffles. I've had it before, but I'm not uber picky about black vs. white. The boyfriend however, has a preference for black, and I wanted to take him out while they were still in season. I'll ask him though and get back to you :)

                  1. re: th3hungrycat

                    Sorry - I don't want to be nitpicky. Things like this always make me curious, so I ask. :) As truffles are one of my favourite topics, I yearn to learn more about them and those who eat 'em! Some may prefer black because the flavour is less pronounced.

                    1. re: chefathome

                      So I asked the S.O. He actually has never experienced white truffles before, so he has no basis of comparison. Since neither Splendido nor Campagnolo have gotten back to me, I think we're going to go to Mistura.

                      Edulis also does it, but you have to pre-order. However, the way they suggested it was in a 5-course tasting dinner and frankly, that's too much food for me (I already eat out way too much because of my food blog).

                      Edulis told me that apparently summer black truffles season is at an end, but that the winter blacks are in season come December.

                      I also knew about Acadia's $75 black truffle menu this past weekend, but having had an average dining experience with their regular menu, decided that we would pass.

                      Aria Ristorante is also featuring truffles on their menu in case anybody else is interested.

                      1. re: th3hungrycat

                        Did you dine there pre Patrick taking the kitchen over? If so, give Acadia another try. It is a far better resto now IMO.

                    2. re: th3hungrycat

                      Let me start by saying "I like truffles". Having said that, I view them as 'enhancing' a dish - rather than BEING the dish. So perhaps a 'kind of' seasoning.
                      My favourite 'flavour' is black (winter) truffles. Sort of extreme mushrooms.
                      BUT I prefer the aromatics of white (winter) truffles - they seem to fill all the head cavities (not just nasal). And white truffles seem to be at their best (for me) with pasta or risotto - although a touch of truffle oil (not too much) enhances many dishes.
                      Black summer truffles and Croation black truffles just haven't done it for me (so far) - despite assurances from several local chefs who feature these. I much prefer a seasonal mushroom (e.g. morels) to these alternative, cheaper truffles. They do feature the consistency (i.e. the feel of a Croation truffle on the tongue is similar), but the 'earthiness' just doesn't seem to permeate the dish - the 'deep dark basss notes' seem less pronounced (at the risk of pushing this too far - they're an mp3 versus the pristine vinyl original).
                      Probably a better simile is with wine - the 'better' truffles possess subtleties similar to those encountered in fine wines (especially matched with appropriate cuisine). The 'others' are fine also, but don't regularly reach the heights, yet are fine for casual consumption.
                      But, of course, the only true test is to try them.

                      1. re: estufarian

                        There is no comparison between the Croatian black and white truffles! You must try white when you get the chance. The price rises astronomically, of course.

                        I agree that they enhance a dish. So very, very well. Seasonal mushrooms are wonderful, most definitely. My favourites are chanterelles and morels. But then I had the best fresh porcinis last month that were incredible. Very meaty so were fit for grilling.

              3. White truffle tagliatelle w/Ottawa butter (something like that) at Campagnolo. $45, It hink. Sounded tasty. Trying to decide if it's worths.

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                1. re: jlunar

                  I had a similar dish at Enoteca Sociale last winter - a "simple" butter and freshly shaved black truffle preparation on fresh pasta, similar price point. It was SPECTACULAR. I would think Campagnolo would execute this dish well so I say go for it.

                  1. re: peppermint pate

                    Splendido was doing that dish before either Enoteca or Campagnolo opened. It's my favourite dish there (possibly of all time)!

                    1. re: peppermint pate

                      Yeah, pasta at Campagnolo is awesome. I may have to do this before it goes away.

                      And then maybe try it at Splendido for comparison. I have a GC burning a hole in my pocket...

                  2. Coppi does it really well. Consistent quality and fair pricing. Boccaccio just landed their second shipment of Alba based truffles. Great on pasta and/or Carpaccio. Nicely paired to the Lamborghini Trescone from Umbria. Serious yum.

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                    1. re: DarthRiesling

                      I read about Coppi too but it is quite a bit far for us. Maybe next time :)

                    2. Truffles - does the strong flavour of it overpower proteins? My S.O. and I were having a discussion in the car, and he stated he likes it in pasta because the pasta itself is rather bland and therefore allows you to taste the actual flavour of the truffles.

                      But a restauraunteur friend of mine argued that truffles should be used to enhance a dish as opposed to being the "main attraction." Thoughts?

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                      1. re: th3hungrycat

                        I am not a restauranteur, but I don't mind one ripping off my thoughts already expressed.

                        1. re: estufarian

                          I definitely noted your earlier reply :)

                        2. re: th3hungrycat

                          I'm in the "enhance" camp. I do not find eating truffle straight very tasty. It's just too overwhelming. Basically, what estufarian said earlier. :)

                          1. re: th3hungrycat

                            Enhance. That is why most often truffles are used with pasta and eggs. I also like it shaved over a simple risotto. White truffles are not (at least they should not be!) cooked but rather shaved on dishes. Black truffles can go either way.