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Nov 18, 2012 10:48 AM

i need a new blender

i use it almost entirely for a daily smoothy - has to be able to finely grind kale and then to really smoothy mango chunks and frozen strawberries, etc.
i have been using a reconditioned kitchen aid blender with a round glass top for at least 6 years - and it's great but not the glass on the edge has gotten chippy (from me banging the yogurt spoon against it!) and it's not doing such a good job at really grinding the frozen fruit. i think it's giving up the ghost and time for a new one. but i cannot afford a vitamix (and think it's overkill for me).
i want a good strong motor, good blade action, and a good big blender container that's easy to clean.

ideas? just get another kitchenaid?


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  1. I love my Breville - use it every day for green smoothies and it gets them nice and smooth. Lower price point than the Vitamix and I think it works great - plus, I like the fact that it's glass, not plastic.