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Nov 18, 2012 09:47 AM

Wood-fired Pizza in Tucson...?

Google turns up 4 or 5 places but how good are they? Any favorites out there? Thanks.


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    1. re: DriverPhil

      We'll be back to Tucson in a few weeks & it's now 'on the list.' Thanks!

    2. Best pizza in town -zona 78 - no contest! As far as I know its the only place that has whole wheat as an option. Two locations, one on River Rd., and one on Tanque Verde. A new place opened downtown, Reilly's - very trendy, and, very good. Its on Pennington St. In fact, its in a converted funeral home!

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      1. re: binky Luckhurst

        Ze plot theekens... now there are 2 choices instead of none, thanks!