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Nov 18, 2012 09:08 AM

Veggie Grill (Southern Calif chain) now open at San Jose's Santana Row - any reports?

It was mentioned in the SJ Mercury News: The Veggie Grill is now at San Jose's Santana Row - first Northern Calif location an all-plant based menu, no dairy, trans-fats or cholesterol.

Santa Fe Crispy "Chickin" Sandwich - their "chickin" is seasoned, marinated vegetable protein
mac 'n' cheese with quinoa pasta
daily soup
lots of salads
entrees w/ kale
desserts: healthy versions of carrot cake & chocolate pudding parfait

Veggie Grill
3055 Olin Ave, SJ
Open daily 11a

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  1. They're very consistent between branches, so it should be representative of the others. I personally love the place. Their fried chicken plate (no sauce on my steamed kale though) is my favorite thing to eat. Love the quinoa side as well. mac & cheese is bland . Love the carrot cake because it's cheap and doesn't have all kinds of crap on it, just pure carrot cake goodness with a thin layer of frosting. Chocolate pudding parfait is too achingly sweet for even my tastes, but the reguar chocolate pudding is pretty good. I like the cheeseburger, but a hardcore meat-eater said it was the worst thing he had ever put in his mouth, so YMMV.

    1. We finally tried out Veggie Grill at Santana Row between Starbucks Coffee & The Counter.

      Menu is online so you can see it before going. You order at the register line up on the Left-side once you're inside. Oh, before going sign up on their website to be on their Grill Club so you get a FREE dessert email just for signing up & on your Birthday you get a FREE entree or something.

      B. got the Crispy Chickin' Plate $9.95 which comes with fried chickin', cauli-mashed potatoes, porcini mushroom gravy with fresh rosemary, steamin' kale. B. really liked his dish.

      I got All Hail Kale Entree $8.95 - marinated kale & red cabbage, corn salsa, agave-roasted walnuts, ginger-papaya vinaigrette. They have a smaller portion they called Lunch for $7.25, mine was pretty large & pretty good for an all vegetarian meal. You can add tempeh or blackened chickin' for $2.75.

      Side of Mac-n-Cheese $3.50 was ok - quinoa pasta, VG-cheese sauce, bread crumbs. Not much taste really, but it was creamy.

      I had a bite of the carrot cake $3.5 - has fresh carrots, walnuts, VG cream cheese frosting. Just ok for me, I'm not a fan of carrot cake though.

      Chocolate pudding parfait $3.5 - made-from-scratch pudding, topped w/ chocolate sauce, crushed cookies, you can get walnuts if you want, & VG Crema. It's very sweet, we liked the crushed cookies & pudding mixed together.

      Strawberry lemonade drink is way too sweet. They also have lemonade, unsweetened or sweetened iced tea, no fountain drinks. Ask for a cup if you just want water if you want. There's bottled drinks too: Pellagrino, Ginger Ale, Crystal Geyser water, root beer.

      Annie's organic ketchup, organic mustard, & Cholula hot sauce available too.

      Charge the meal if you want. Indoor & outdoor seating. One unisex bathroom.