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Nov 18, 2012 09:02 AM

Betty Crocker Golden Gluten-Free Cake Mix-Additions? substitutions? as is?

Have this box in front of me and must produce GF birthday cake. I CAN do it from scratch (almond meal, bananas, butter, applesauce). But maybe this mix would be a bit more traditionally "birthday-ish" when frosted with a good butter-cream?

Any experience out there?

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  1. I think this is a really good cake mix. I use it all the time to make cupcakes. I would not mess with substitutions, as BC did a lot of research, I'm sure, to find the right recipe. I do add things like different extracts other than vanilla (lemon, for example, then frost with lemon frosting and sprinkle with yellow cookie sugar). I also add lots of nutmeg and call them eggnog cupcakes. Rum extract would be fun, with a coconut frosting maybe?
    One thing to remember: this box makes a 9X9 cake, not a 13X9 cake like 'real' cake mix.
    Good Luck!

    1. A smidge of real vanilla does wonders for making boxed cake mixes taste less boxed. But I'd probably focus on making a great frosting and filling -- nothing says "birthday" like a tall layer cake!

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        Second you and PamelaD about this mix. Its a godsend IMHO.

      2. ETA: Sorry but I disrespectfully disagree. The texture is not even close to scratch cakes. But then I don't use mixes as a rule so I'm a pit picky about that. I bake GF wedding cakes and birthday cakes and thought I should try the mix just to see and it was sorely disappointing. However, I can see that it would certainly be convenient! :)

        However, if you do use the mix as others have said I would definitely add flavouring as it is very bland on its own. I love the vanilla idea (I would go further and use a vanilla bean) or use an extract as mentioned. And, as also said, a great frosting does wonders, such as 7 minute frosting or a a gorgeous fluffy buttercream. I just made a GF wedding cake that had several layers - the fillings were double chocolate buttercream and vanilla bean. It was lovely.

        1. Thank you all! giving it a shot later this week and going with almond extract to 'tweak' cake itself and very rich buttercream. As it is just one layer, I think I will split and add a layer of raspberry preserves (my own raspberries) and a few fresh ones (definitely supermarket) on top....upended raspberries make very sweet candle holders.

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