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Nov 18, 2012 08:45 AM

Cutting board with inset ladle. Has anybody seen it?

So my friend has this neat cutting board with a removable metal ladle built into the ridge. I was interested in acquiring one and haven't been able to find it. Does anybody have any ideas about where to look?

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  1. Very clever contraption.I'm guessing it's used to collect all the delicious meat juices.Why not just ask your friend where they got it?

    P.S tell your friend they need to oil their board A.S.A.P!! :)

    1. that's really cool -- and beats the pants off the one I have that has a (removable) spiked ring inset to hold roasts and large birds so they won't slip off the board.

      Wish I could help you - I'd think about buying one!

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      1. re: sunshine842

        Maybe you could get one custom made.Might cost a pretty penny though...

      2. I did find this, though:

        (I don't like that one THAT much, either....)

          1. re: iyc_nyc

            holy cow. For that much money it better carve the roast for me!

            1. re: sunshine842

              Put that $700 toward the Grand Palais cooker, I say! Only $45,300 to go...

          2. I actually do not get it. Unless you are cutting roasts after roasts, I just don't see there will be enough juice get collected. I think most of the juice will stay and absorbed by the board.

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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              My roasts (almost always pork or lamb - we eat very little beef) almost always give up enough juice (after resting properly) to have more than enough to pour back over the slices. (My roasts are also always juicy- never dry).

              If your board is absorbing that much liquid, you really should oil it -- absorption of meat juices should be minima.