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Nov 18, 2012 08:32 AM

Paris Popcorn??

I find it so interesting that every Darty in town sells air popped popcorn makers but that nobody seems to sell popcorn kernels at all. Carrefour, G20, franprix, monoprix, nobody! Is this some secret that I don't know about?

Yes, I know, I know, Parisians don't eat popcorn. Then why are there so many varieties of popcorn makers? I will check the Grand Epicerie this week. Any help would be great.

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  1. They all sell it -- but yes, they get creative with where they put it from time to time. I've found it from time to time in the fruits secs, and sometimes with the peas/beans/etc. Once in a great while, I've found it with the olives and nuts. (Yeah, it's usually the thought of "so, where have they decided to hide it today?")

    Thanksgiving down in the 4th has it (caveat: for a king's ransom -- I don't mind that they make a profit, but jayzus they push it dangerously close to highway robbery), or you can almost always find it in a Portuguese or Middle Eastern market.

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      Found it at Cocci Market in the 18th block away from me believe it or not. Haha, But I'll check the other places this week. I won't be living up here after next month.

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        The big super markets (Carrefour, Auchan) also have it available online. If you ever make a grocery order for delivery, it's a lot easier to find it by typing in a search box, than it is looking all over a grande surface.

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        1. They all pretty much sell it, but, as stated earlier, you must find out in which aisle. I find it often in the racks where they have nuts, and various bags of dried things. I know that Monoprix and Franprix sell it. I often buy it in the little Sri lankan, asian, indian shops...they will have it by the big bag with the dried lentils, chick peas, etc. Bascially, you can find it for cheap in lots of places in Paris, you just have to ask for it (which is always my problem - they never seem to understand what I'm looking for, which may be more a reflection of my french/accent) But, i promise, it's there. :)

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            Now that I've been here a while, there are very few things that I cannot either find, or find a workable substitute for...but figuring out where they might shelve it can keep you guessing for a while!