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Nov 18, 2012 08:15 AM

How Long Can I Keep A Fresh KosherTurkey Breast Before Cooking


I just came home from my Kosher butcher with a fresh 6.3 lb turkey breast. It looks beautiful, but it's only Sunday, and Thanksgiving is 4 days away. Do you think that I can keep this unfrozen, in the coldest meat drawer of my refrigerator, until cooking it early Thursday? Or, do you think that I should freeze it for a day or two? By the way, it was $5.99 a lb, but I was so happy to find a 6.3 lb clean looking turkey breast, that I took it without shopping around this year.

Thank you for your opinions.

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  1. I think you should freeze it. In my experience, fresh poultry is best used within 2 days. It will still taste better than the stuff you;re likely to find pre-frozen.

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      Thank you Almond Tree. I put it in the freezer, and I plan on beginning to defrost it sometime early Wednesday. I figure better safe than sorry. Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara