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Nov 18, 2012 07:35 AM

What the Secret on Roasting Breast Down - Flipping - Skin Mark

With the weight of a 20lb bird, and if I road Breast Side down - planning to flip it when it's almost down to brown the other side - is there any secrets on getting the skin to be *even* and not indented.....on the breast side .

I can't recall where I read this and maybe this was just to lessen the stickiness, but I recall reading lining the rack with parchment paper and then punching a bunch of holes in that.

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  1. I've read to line your rack or pan with heavy layer of onions & celery. However, and just my 2 cents, but didn't find the breast down roasting to be worth the work and hassle of flipping.

    1. I am a huge fan of 'flipping'. We decided, after trying 2 or 3 preventative techniques, to live with the indents.

      I keep a pair of temperature-resistant gloves for this purpose and flip turkeys, chickens etc. I am so enamoured of technique that I have turned a roasting chicken on all 4, clearly, I do believe it makes a difference to flavour AND texture of meat.

      However, my husband is not one who ever wanted to carve at table; if this is a BIG deal in your family traditions, maybe the marks are a challenge.

      1. Lay a leaf or two of lettuce or cabbage on the rack to cover the area the breast will contact.
        Remove them when you flip.