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Nov 18, 2012 07:33 AM

Easy elegant side dishes for a crowd

Looking for ideas for a friend, please. She had a dinner party planned and her husband continues to invite people. They are now up to 19. She was planning a sit down dinner but that is now seeming pretty daunting. She's got the main dish covered (beef tenderloin) but is looking for vegetable ideas. Anyone got any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. Roasted asparagus is easy for a crowd. Just toss the asparagus in olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 425 for 15 minutes. A non-potato mash is easy because you can make it ahead of time, freeze and reheat just before the party. Think cauliflower, turnip, rutabaga, carrot pureed in the food processor with cream, salt, pepper and butter. A composed endive leaves, candied walnuts and pomegranate with maybe an orange vinaigrette.

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      Roasted vegetables are easy - Google will find you millions of recipes. Add bell peppers or red onion for color.

      Love your salad idea, or (depending on ingred availability in her area), she could toss a plastic grocery box of mixed baby greens into a salad bowl; top with two or more of the following:
      shredded or crumbled parmesan or feta, or pecans; and then add:
      a circle on top of
      - sliced red, yellow or orange bell pepper;
      - grape tomatoes;
      - sliced apples or pears or craisins.

    2. Another idea is roasted carrots and parsnips. Just peel or scrape, and roast in a little olive oil. Add some herbs like thyme. I'm making some tonight for a potluck. You can leave them kind of whole, maybe just split if they are fat ones. They make kind of a dramatic presentation and are good. Lots of variants online.