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Nov 18, 2012 07:22 AM

ISO Detroit REstaurant supplier (reasonable) with good roasting pans

There are a few and I'd be driving 4 hours so I would prefer some advice from people in the know. Thanks!

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  1. why not costco? got one with a rack for $40

    1. I'm with Gan. Target, Costco and BB&B all have decent roasting pans at a good price...maybe even better than a restaurant supply place. What are your requirements-- teflon, stainless clad, aluminum? My favorite supply store is Restaurant Equippers in Southfield, but I can't imagine why you would drive four hours for a roasting pan.

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        Since itryalot lives 4 hours away, then like me, they may not have a Costco membership, requiring them to purchase one just to get the roasting pan. BB&B or the restaurant supply may be better options in this case.
        Also, I'm guessing the four hour drive is not solely for the purpose of purchasing a pan. ;)

        1. re: tokyo

          For my mom...I would drive it, but no...I will be in the area.

        2. re: VTB

          Restaurant Equippers does have a pretty big selection; I also like Gold Star Restaurant Supply, Coolidge S of 9 mile. But unless you need a monster-sized (i.e. for commercial ovens) pan I think you'll have more of a selection at any of the discount/department stores. Also keep in mind both the restaurant supply stores mentioned have somewhat limited hours - Restaurant Equippers is only open Sat morning, Gold Star not at all on weekends, and they both close early (5pm I think) on weekdays.
          Another option if you'll be anywhere near Canton is IKEA - I got a super cheap roasting pan there a couple years ago that's held up (though I probably only use it 2-3 times/year). It's something like this one:

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            My mom had my grandmother's aluminum one she brought from Italy 30 years ago. That thing was a workhorse in the kitchen and my mom and grandmother are avid cooks so it outlasted it's time. We have tried stainless and roasting chicken and potatoes stick. Do not like one that is coated of any kind. We were thinking aluminum. We are in Michigan often in the Sterling Heights/Rochester/Lakeside area and don't mind waiting until we go next time. The ones at Target and BB and B are either coated, stainless or too light, etc. She has REALLY been wanting a black steel pan (for making pizza on like she had in Italy) but I haven't really seen them anywhere (not non stick coated). The bread/focaccia and pizza gets a nice color on it.

          2. Cook's Illustrated recommends the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack. You can order from Amazon.

              1. re: BobRe

                I do a lot of shopping online, but I can never tell the weight unfortunately even when it is given.