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Nov 18, 2012 07:01 AM

Does the Breville Smart Oven replace a microwave?

I have always had a separate microwave and toaster oven but our microwave is dying (hopefully - ha! ;-)) and I'd love to ditch this microwave cart taking up room in our kitchen. I've been reading good things about the Smart Oven but I'm just not clear on whether it functions as a microwave as well as an oven? We use our microwave several times daily (especially for baby food!) so that is a must.

Also, I was planning to use a BBB 20% off coupon if I purchase it, but I read the exclusions and Breville is listed. However, I read on another thread where some had used the coupon to get theirs; was Breville a recent addition to the exclusions or does the coupon work despite the exclusion?

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  1. I have the Breville and it doesn't operate as a microwave -- just as an oven, broiler, and toaster. But since getting the Breville, I use the microwave much less. I've also turned to heating things up more via the stove instead of the microwave - I think the food often turns out better that way.

    1. The "smart oven" works extrememly well for me. It's also nice that it doesn't heat up the kitchen in summer. However, it does not replace a microwave.

      1. As others have said, the Smart Oven is not a microwave but it is a terrific oven and we use ours daily. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and if you haven't seen it already, do a search for Breville Smart oven as there's a good thread where folks share their experiences.

        I have to admit we're not heavy microwave users however, as much as I love my smart oven we still use the microwave for:

        - re-heating a plate of food
        - steaming veggies
        - melting butter and chocolate
        - heating up single serving frozen entrees (like Lean Cuisine) which, despite not being very "Chowhoundy" sure do come in handy when someone is starving and has zero desire to cook.

        1. Nope, as the others say, not a micro replacement, but I will chime in and say I do love our Smart Oven and I use the full-sized ovens a LOT less since getting it. Love that it'll take conventional pans so I can use Pyrex in there. I bake chicken & fish a lot in there (there are often just two of us eating those proteins), and it works great as a toaster/broiler too. But you'll still want a microwave if you use one often (we do!).