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Nov 18, 2012 06:55 AM

Looking for an old fresh cranberry salad recipe that contains lemon jello, orange zest

I am looking for an old church-cookbook type recipe that includes fresh (not cooked) cranberries, lemon jello and orange zest. My friend's mom 82, mentioned it but can't remember the recipe, and we want to make it for T-giving.


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    1. re: javaandjazz

      Either a mold or just put in a glass cake pan.

    2. The recipe from my Great Grandmother,

      1 lb cranberrys
      1 orange
      1 apple
      1 box lemon jello
      1 cup sugar (or to taste, I use less!)
      Chopped Pecans - optional

      Grind berrys, orange (with peel) and apple. Add sugar, boil 1 cup water and add jello to disolve. Mix all together and put in a mold or glass dish or bowl. Stir a few times as it sets up.

      My Aunt always put it in a 13 x 9 pan and cut it in squares, placed on lettuce on a salad plate and topped with ......miracle whip dressing (made with MW, sugar and vinegar) We LOVED it.

      I always have mine in a bowl on the table. Made a triple batch yesterday, using my Great Grandma's old grinder.


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      1. re: sophiekat

        Thanks, this is close, but my friend's mom insists there was orange zest in the recipe.

        Still looking....

      2. Cranberry Salad Molds from old newspapers (In the past, orange zest was called orange rind).

        The Dispatch - Dec 6, 1989

        Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Feb 10, 1966

        The Washington Reporter - Dec 24, 1963

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        1. I have my mother's Fresh Cranberry Salad recipe with those ingredients. I've scanned it and hopefully can attach it here.

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