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Nov 18, 2012 06:37 AM

dinner with kids - staying at the Turtle Bay Resort (North Shore Oahu)

Hi all,

We will be spending one night at Turtle Bay and looking for dinner options (plan to hit a shrimp truck for lunch the next day).

The restos at the TBR itself seem to get mixed reviews.. any suggestions for a good dinner with school-age kids?

We will have a car but want to stay within 20 mins of the TBR.

Is there a good spot in Haleiwa to watch the sunset and eat dinner? (looking for something a little more upscale than a shrimp truck but doesn't have to be super fancy).

thanks in advance!


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  1. Both Jameson's and Haleiwa Joe's have nice views of the ocean. Sunset at this time of year is sometime before 6pm, and the sun will be setting more or less behind you from Haleiwa, and the rest of the north shore. The drive up from Turtle bay will be a little under 20 minutes as it will still be light out, the drive back a little longer in the dark.

    Both Jameson's and Haleiwa Joe's have food that kids will like. If the view isn't as important (depending on dining time) you might consider Kua Aina Burgers or Pizza Bob's, both also in Haleiwa.