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Nov 18, 2012 05:34 AM

San Antonio--One Last Day

I've visited the Riverwalk-- didn't eat there; none of the menus seemed all that attractive. I've been out to Central TX to try BBQ-- great. I ate chicken fried steak and onion rings; tried Chris Madrid's burger yesterday. I have one last lunch and dinner in San Antonio.

What's something I've got to try before I leave your beautiful city? Dinner is tonight and lunch is tomorrow. Thanks for any last minute eat ideas!


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  1. How about La Gloria in the Pearl? Authentic Mexican street food you're not likely to find at home. Not expensive either.

      1. re: Sam Spade

        Hot Joy looks very interesting, anyone been to it?

        1. re: saeyedoc

          The reviews on the link are from daughter and myself, been about three times, and have enjoyed almost every single dish we tried. Only gripe is that they're only open on Sunday and Monday evenings, though I presume they're looking for a permanent home. Beverage list and servers are identical with Monty

      2. Restaurant Gwendolyn for an experience that I haven't seen anywhere else.